World Aids Day 2017

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International World Aids Day Theme 2017 – Getting to Zero

AIDS is a global issue that has disturbed this world since its very inception as it is one of the most dangerous silent killers. This year it falls on Tuesday, the 1st of December. Awareness is needed in this particular field to generate the known risks associated with it and the ways in regard to its prevention. If the celebrities around the world take up the responsibility of spreading awareness about Aids then it would be a great help. In India, many celebrities from sports, television, Bollywood have been the part of AIDS awareness program.

World Aids day 2017 – 1 December

With no known cure as such till date AIDS is something that needs much attention and special efforts in needed to uplift the idea of talking about it as a taboo. The World Aids day 2017 theme has been selected as “getting to zero”. The World Aids day theme 2017 will be used until 2017 which echoes and nurtures the dream of zero new infections, zero discrimination and zero AIDS related deaths as seen by UNAIDS.

On the topic of 2017 World Aids day theme, Linda Mafu, the World Aids Campaign Africa Director has said that “It’s time to use our imaginations and let everyone know that Getting to Zero is a must”.  The theme of World Aids day 2017 came up after extensive consultations among people living with the disease, health activists and civil society organisations.

Aids Day 2017 Theme and its Adoption

UNAIDS has created a program of closing the gap amongst people who live with AIDS. The getting to zero aims at reducing the gap of humility and unresponsiveness that they face every day in their daily lives. It is very important for us to acknowledge that what is World Aids day theme 2017.  The international World Aids day theme 2017 has been socially and morally accepted by one and all and the primary motive is to strengthen the human touch to fight the discrimination that still exists. This World Aids day 2017 USA has adopted the Federal theme for the year 2017 as “focus, achieve, partner: an Aids free generation”. This world Aids day 2017 UK campaigned for student stop AIDS campaign.

Let’s fight until we win from Aids

Aid and care is needed for people affected with AIDS. The world AIDS day 2017 UN has set the milestone of getting to zero and to achieve it we all need to work hand in hand for the betterment of the society. In the year 2017 Aids day theme must be done a justice by helping a personally known Aids victim. This will help us bridge the gap better in the days and decades to come. Come, let us join the fight and show that we can and that we will do whatever it takes to limit AIDS.

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  1. FOPAYID an NGO based in Mkar Gboko LGA of Benue state Nigeria is comitted to family well being and better tomorrow. This year’s World Aids Day we shall target teenager 13-15 in school and out of school youth because “,If they know they will avoid, prevent, care, protect , pull it down to ZERO and close family doors from new infection

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