World Aids Day 2017

History, Theme, Speech, Images, Slogan, Quotes, Facts, Merchandise, Ribbon Pictures, Awareness Campaigns

International World AIDS Day 2017 Theme, Speech, Images, Slogan, Quotes, Facts, Merchandise, Ribbon Pictures

International World AIDS Day 2017 Theme, Speech, Images, Slogan, Quotes, Facts, Merchandise, Ribbon Pictures

International World’s AIDS day 2017 is scheduled to be an important event on December 1st 2017 respectively. The day is celebrated as World AIDS Day date per annum with a lot of pomp and grandeur. The Worlds’ AIDS Day history recollects way back since 1988, and the entire day every year is dedicated towards spreading awareness about the dreaded disease.

Most of us should remain aware of the fact that, AIDS is a much dreaded disease which affects millions of individuals across the globe. Such a disease remains to be a menace and takes lives of people within a few days. The World AIDS Day is observed to be dedicated towards patients suffering from AIDS. Experts normally guide the global audience towards prevention and control of the disease.

World AIDS Day Theme

Every annum World’s AIDS Day is celebrated on 01st of December. Awareness of the dreadful disease is arranged through a World AIDS Day theme, which promotes the idea for prevention of AIDS. World AIDS Day facts relate to a number of events which get organized through various stakeholders in order to raise the public awareness. A red ribbon has been specially designed as World AIDS Day logo.

The World AIDS Day theme dedicated to raising awareness about the much dreaded disease comes with an opportunity to unite against the dreaded disease as well. In the modern days, the World AIDS Day is celebrated as ‘Global Health Day’.  Such days are celebrated with memorable events which make us commemorate the memories of our loved ones who might have lost their lives in the past due to AIDS.

World AIDS Day Slogan

A slogan defines the theme of commemoration and ‘World AIDS Day slogan’, is no exception. Giving an example, “Getting to Zero” was identified as a slogan for the year 2015, when the awareness was all about minimizing the risk of spreading AIDS within the global community. The World AIDS Day song during the same year laid emphasis on “Zero new HIV infections, Zero discrimination, and Zero AIDS-related deaths.” The World’s AIDS Day symbol is a red ribbon cross crossed to propagate a special message to the target audience.

The entire day and World AIDS Day slogan dedicated towards raising awareness towards the deadly disease is designed through a number of events which can allow one to find out the deficiencies related to certain lifestyle factors. The day creates an aura through various happenings to commemorate the anniversary of World’s AIDS Day’, which was first celebrated during December 1988.

World AIDS Day Speech

Each day dedicated to the cause of AIDS, is accompanied with speech from stalwart personalities. During 2015, the Executive Director of UNAIDS, Michel Sidibé, had made a public promise that all countries should take proper action on limiting the impact of AIDS. World AIDS Day speeches are nothing but self-drawn promises to carry the light forward.

In addition to this, World AIDS Day activities are designed and assimilated in a manner so that it adds on value to the event. Such activities promote the spirit of the program in entirety and are flowered through World AIDS Day Quotes in order to weave a long term impact in the minds of stakeholders.

World AIDS Day Poster

World AIDS Day Posters are designed with innovation, in order to raise the awareness about the dreaded disease. The best posters on World AIDS Day carry strong messages so as to make the public aware about the increasing menace of AIDS which takes thousands of lives per annum.  Bringing in awareness is not easy as this takes a lot of team effort.

World Aids Day 2017 Images, Posters, Ribbon Pictures, Logo, Symbol, Photos

As far as World AIDS Day Merchandise is concerned, experts claim that this remains to be an elaborate process. It displays a host of materials which strives to create an overall knowledge interaction platform. This can include posters, leaflets, and mailers as well.

The whole idea is to engage people in order to make them active participants in bringing about a positive change. World AIDS T-shirts have also been designed by various ad agencies with logos embedded in order to create a generic awareness amongst public.

World AIDS Day Images

World AIDS Day images are created in order to raise staunch awareness against the deadly disease. World AIDS Day ribbon pictures are designed with bright colors such as red in order to create awareness of the target audience. World AIDS Day photos are widely distributed amongst the target audience in order to keep the memoirs.

The World AIDS Day celebration ideas with the help of visual inputs which successfully creates a strong awareness on the causes and impact of the much dreaded disease. Such images can host a variety of subjects igniting human thoughts on the factors which should prevent AIDS in the long run. However, World AIDS Day ribbon pictures remain to be the emblems or logos which communicate the strong message.

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