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Peggo YouTube to MP3 Converter Review

Most of the times we love to listen music without the visuals. Headphones on and here you go. But the problem is neither YouTube lets us download videos nor we can run YouTube in the background in our phone.

Peggo YouTube to MP3 Converter Review

Peggo YouTube to MP3 Converter is surely the best application that solves this problem with ease and perfection. In simple words Peggo is an application that helps you download videos in converted MP3 format from YouTube and SoundCloud.Peggo App Apk

How to Use Peggo App?

Using Peggo is very simple. Just download the app and here you go two steps away to get the desired result. In the main menu you will find a text bar. Enter the title of the video you are looking for or use the YouTube link of the video you are willing to convert. Hit the search bottom. Peggo will provide you a huge list of results you might looking for. You just need to tap the desired one. Can you see a “record mp3” button on the screen?

By clicking that you can download the whole video in mp3 format. In order to record only a specific portion of a video you can simply select the area by dragging and only that particular portion will get converted into MP3.A simple way to make a beautiful ringtone for your phone. Peggo comes with real time downloading system.

Why Peggo is an Awesome App?

Peggo provides you similar search results like YouTube/soundcloud as the search result gets provided from YouTube/soundcloud database.

Peggo not only make recording easy but also maintains better quality. It provides the best sound quality. You can record videos in MP4 format too from mobile-friendly 144p to full HD 1080p.

An amazing quality of Peggo is that silence at the beginning and ending of a video automatically gets removes by it. Thus the MP3 becomes better to listen. Volume normalization is another high light of this application. Some videos comes with lower sound quality some with extra higher. While recording Peggo normalize them to the same.

The downloads tab provides you all your music (which can be customized in the app settings) Peggo doesn’t incorporate an integrated music player so to play the song or music you will be needing an external app like Google play music or KMplayer.

More than million downloads and thousands of positive feedback. Peggo is a very useful and light weighted application that can be used with ease.

Harmful effects of Peggo haven’t been noticed till now. A trustful application. Do not come with any of virus or malwares or any redirectable harmful links. You can download and start enjoying right from the start.

Updated: June 11, 2017 — 10:14 pm

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