World Aids Day 2017

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When is World Aids Day? Why World Aids Day Theme 2017 is {Getting to Zero}

This year World Aids Day 2017 Theme has been envisaged to be “Getting to Zero” by the WAC or World AIDS Campaign. Like every year 2017 World Aids Day will also experience commemoration and honoring the lives which were taken by this dangerous disease. And will see a world full of people pledging together for stopping the spread of this disease. The primary questions to be asked by everyone who wants to stop AIDS are as below:

How can we go down to Zero infections?

 As per statistical calculations over 35 million in the world is affected with AIDS. In UK itself there are almost 100,000 people living affected with this infection. The main World Aids Day 2017 Theme focuses on bringing this level down to zero. For this there must be awareness. Awareness is spread with the help of spreading facts and info through some amazing World Aids Day 2017 Posters and World Aids Day 2017 Slogan.

What about the new AIDS infected?

2017 World Aids Day pledges to embrace those people who are unfortunate to have been affected with AIDS. The basic thought is to stop this life taking disease from spreading further in the society. World Aids Day 2017 USA encourages people from all over the globe to spread more information and knowledge to people.

How can we stop discriminating?

In UK one will get punished under the Equality Act if one discriminates an HIV affected individual. The World Aids day Theme 2017 promotes a message to the entire world and requests all to stop differentiating. This law protects people against differences made in matters of employment, getting education, house accommodations. Individual’s creative enough have come up with beautiful World Aids Day 2017 Posters and World Aids Day 2017 Slogan to spread the message to bring down discrimination for AIDs affected people to zero.

How to reach Zero death levels due to AIDS?

The Getting to Zero World Aids Day 2017 Theme also ensures zero amounts of deaths related to the AIDs infection. Advancement in the medical field and treatments now is now made available to people and hence it is ensuring healthy life for the affected. Almost 500 people in UK die due to AIDS and that is because they come late. If detected at an early stage the treatments are extremely beneficial for the AIDs affected patient. World Aids Day 2017 USA and all other world health organizations have centers spread all across the world to identify, detect and treat this disease.

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